My Minimalist Lifestyle Journey: Happiness Of Ordinary

Minimalist Lifestyle

The path to a Minimalist Lifestyle is a deeply personal one. Each individual has the freedom to define and practice minimalism uniquely, tailored to their circumstances and values. Some may choose a more extreme approach to a Minimalist Lifestyle journey, while others, like myself, prefer a more moderate path, simplifying specific areas of our lives.

My name is Angele. My partner and I live our version of a Minimalist Lifestyle in the beautiful German city of Munich. The perfect place for park walks, mountain hikes, river surfing, and swimming in turquoise lakes, all surrounded by stunning landscapes. This is my happiness of the ordinary, but it has not always been that way. It took me some time to get here.

My roots trace back to the countryside in Lithuania, a place abundant in untouched nature and lush greenery. I grew up surrounded by beautiful pine forests, rivers, and lakes. It was there that I developed my love for the outdoors.

Lietuvos gamta #lietuvosgamta

This is the lake where I enjoyed my childhood swims.

Looking back, I realize that I had lived a Minimalist Lifestyle for most of my life in Lithuania without even realizing it.

In childhood, after my parents divorced, my world crumbled. It was not only the wailing heartbreak to cope with… There was a tough financial side to it, too. My mom and I had no other way to live life but on minimal resources. We could not afford a variety of things, so we only had what we truly needed and bought new things only when the old ones ended.

But back then, I valued everything I owned, and there was no need for gratitude journals to remind me to appreciate everything I had. I was grateful not only for possessions… but for home, nature, surroundings, and all my experiences.

During summers, I used to go to the lake, drop myself on the grass, and lay for hours, basking in the warm sunshine while admiring the ever-changing patterns of the drifting clouds and the delightful buzz of busy bees around me. I enjoyed exploring the snowy forest in winter, taking long walks, skiing, skating, and squealing with joy while sliding on my bum from the top of the icy mountain.

Autumn was magical, too. I couldn’t help but notice the beauty of the golden paths. On rainy days, I loved to cozy up next to the window and watch the graceful dance of raindrops. In spring, my friends and I used to eagerly rush to the woods to discover the first violets in bloom and listen to the sweet melodies of the early birds singing. Each season brought unique wonders, and every day was a special occasion filled with simple joys and heartwarming emotions.

Today, we live in a fast-paced world where we need reminders to slow down and relearn to notice, enjoy, and appreciate these simple joys that enrich our daily lives.

Learn to slow down #learntoslowdown

I admit that when life progressed, I followed to live as fast as everyone else. So fast that I no longer had time to see the beauty of the ordinary. Influenced by societal pressures, I felt I constantly had to dream big, live large, and accumulate possessions to define success.

Consequently, in 2006, I moved to the UK to chase my big dreams. Through many obstacles, mistakes, and detour paths, I evolved what seemed like an ideal life – working for a good company, getting trendy things regularly, traveling to popular destinations often, and rushing to live by planning weeks, months, and years so that I don’t miss out…

Like many others, I, too, fell into the alluring consumerism and social media trap. Even though I knew it displayed a curated glimpse of people’s lives or pushed products for sale, I still wanted to have what everyone else had. I chased trends and shopped endlessly for new things to keep up with ever-changing fashion tendencies. In 2020, I even graduated from the London College of Style as a Personal Stylist and planned to chase trends for clients.

Until one day, when I was doing my own wardrobe edit, I realized I didn’t need at least half of the clothes in my wardrobe and that I shopped far more than I could consume. Watching the world getting on fire and having earthquakes, floods, storms, and hurricanes more often each year, it was clear to me that I had to reconsider my consumption and future career plans.

I did a lot of research and decided to pivot and use my personal styling skills to support the Slow Fashion field. Using the three piles method (Love, Maybe, and Goodbye), I created my first Capsule Wardrobe, wearing only 33 items throughout the summer and not shopping for anything new. To my great surprise, I really enjoyed downsizing, so soon after that, the Minimalist Wardrobe for the whole year followed.

I enjoyed free and fresh space so much that I extended this minimalist approach to all other areas at home. Using the same three piles method, I reviewed everything I had in my kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and all the other rooms… Later, I applied the same decluttering process to everything else in my life: goals, activities, commitments, and even relationships!

This is when I realized that slowing down and being present really made me hear myself. I realized that many things I’ve done and many decisions I made weren’t for me. They were for someone else… I realized that the more ticks I was getting on the checklist society had created, the more toxic and unhappy life was becoming… I realized that happiness is in simplicity! And I realized that all I wanted was to lay on the grass, watch the passing clouds, and listen to the buzz of busy bees.

Simplifying and adopting minimalism changed my life! I cleared my physical and mental space, I learned to prioritize quality over quantity, make the right (for me) decisions, and focus on what truly matters (for me), allowing me to work on achieving my dreams, one of which was for my partner and me to live closer to nature in a country where summer seasons are defined. So we decided to move.

The country-moving journey wasn’t straightforward, but decluttering our lives from non-essential commitments helped us to shape our focus and direct our efforts towards making our dreams come true. In the summer of 2022, my partner and I packed our suitcases and moved to Munich, Germany.

Happy Journey! Journey to Munich. #movingtomunich

We lived in the UK for over 15 years, but in this picture, you see everything we owned when we left the country. Before we moved to Munich, we downsized so much that we fit everything in just six suitcases. Decluttering felt amazing, and we promised ourselves never to clutter our home again!

Now, we live in a small but cute apartment near the magnificent Bavarian Alps, beautiful lakes, and peaceful rivers. Our days are filled with the delight of exploring charming Bavarian towns and basking in the wonders of nature in this stunning region.

After moving here, I realized it doesn’t take much for me to be happy – living a beautiful, ordinary life has become a true source of joy for me! I no longer feel the need to chase constantly changing trends, have grandiose plans, or do activities labeled by society as fun and exciting.

My dreams coexist harmoniously with my present, and I appreciate the pure and simple moments that make my life extraordinary.

The Magnificent Alps<br />
#alps<br />

I believe there’s immense value in embracing an ordinary life. It brings calm and peace, nurtures deep and meaningful relationships, enables us to be present with our loved ones, helps us focus on what we genuinely care about, and allows us to revel in the little wins along the way. Minimalism brings all these qualities, not to mention reduced consumption and the environmental benefits!

Embracing minimalism brought me freedom, everyday happiness, and joy, so much so that in 2023, I became a certified Life Coach and launched a Happy with Less · Minimalist Lifestyle Coaching Program to help those who want to embark on a Minimalist Lifestyle journey and discover how to be happy with less. Now, using my life coaching and personal styling skills, I help curb excessive consumption and focus on what matters most.

This is my Minimalist Lifestyle journey. I would love to hear yours! Please connect on social media channels or send me a message via [email protected]. I will be thrilled to hear from you! 🤍

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