What is Style Personality, Why Care, and How Do You Determine It?

What is Style Personality, Why Care, and How Do You Determine It?

We all have a Style Personality, whether or not we are aware of it.

While Style Personality can seem to be an external matter, it is rather deeply internal. It reveals who you are without you having to speak.

So, What Is A Style Personality?

Style Personality is a Personal Style you choose to express yourself through clothes and appearance, regardless of what fashion runways predict.

Fashion is only a tool used to express your style. Personal Style/ Style Personality is what makes you – YOU! While fashion changes from season to season, authentic Personal Style/ Style Personality usually remains the same. It deeply relates to who you are, where you are from, your moods, personal style, and lifestyle preferences.

As a famous fashion model, Lauren Hutton, says:

As a famous fashion model, Lauren Hutton, says: “Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose.” #personalstyle #stylepersonality

Why Care?

Knowing your Style Personality is more than just being able to name it. It:

Clarifies Your Preferences

Once you know your Style Personality, it is easy to maintain your wardrobe. You understand what requirements you have for your lifestyle, what works for it, and what doesn’t… You then clearly know what items you want, what you need, and what makes you happy. You know which items of a particular style and color palette work hard in your wardrobe and are a good investment while shopping. You know what you will be glad to wear and what will make you feel good.

Boosts Your Confidence

Knowing your style and wearing what works for you immensely boosts confidence and self-esteem! It feeds a positive power into you, and you can refocus your energy, enjoy your day, and achieve success.

It Helps You Create Outfits Easily

When you know your Style Personality, creating your daily outfits becomes easy as you know who you are and how you want to appear. Your wardrobe is full of YOUR style items, so mixing and matching them makes it easy to create numerous gorgeous looks for any day and occasion.

Improves Shopping Experience

You Save Time

When you go shopping, knowing what styles you need saves you time searching. Many brands have brand styles, so you only need to visit stores selling clothing related to your dominant and(or) secondary styles.

You Save Money

Since you are well aware of your Style Personality, you no longer will chase fashion trends, which often can end up with an item you’ll never wear. You save money as you no longer buy things you aren’t sure about.

Reduces Waste

Since you no longer impulse buy and choose the wrong items, it reduces mistakes and waste. Shopping mindfully is beneficial not just for us but for our planet too.

It Helps You Maintain A Cohesive Wardrobe

As you build your wardrobe of a Personal Style that truly reflects you, of things that suit you, they all will go together well. This will make it easy to maintain a cohesive wardrobe.

Why Is It Sometimes So Hard To Define Your Style Personality? And How Do You Determine It?

For some, Personal Style is straightforward to define. For others, it could be not so much.

We all have complex and different personalities, and many of us don’t have just one clear Personal Style we are drawn to. We may gravitate to elements of a couple or several Style Personalities. Of course, various tastes and uniqueness are a beauty to us, but it can also be confusing… Therefore, aiming to determine dominant Personal Styles our wardrobe is a good place to start.

Many of us often have a dominant Style Personality or a combination of more than one. No matter your style or the variety of styles, you know you found one when you feel comfortable, confident, and free! Free from doubt, hesitance, and insecurities.

However, your Personal Style must align with your lifestyle and needs. Some people are realistic, and they only choose things they need. Others like to pick options for their dream life, as I call it, “one-day” life, bring items home, and never wear them again as they do not align with their lifestyle.

To assist you in reviewing your wardrobe and (re)connecting with your Personal Style and lifestyle needs, I created the UNIQUE YOU Minimalist Wardrobe Planner Workbook. The workbook includes a Lifestyle Assessment Form, fillable worksheets, and exercises to help you determine your Style Personality and Dress Code. This will enable you to make informed decisions about your wardrobe and needs.

Minimalist Wardrobe Planner Workbook stylealley · 6 Easy Steps to Create an Organized & Functional Minimal Wardrobe That Reflects YOU Inside: Unique YOU Detailed Guides, Wardrobe Tips and More #minimalistwardrobeplannerworkbook #capsulewardrobeplannerworkbook

The 7 Most Widely Recognized Style Personalities

We have discussed what Style Personality is and how to recognize it. Now, it’s time to look at some of the examples. These are the seven universally most common Style Personalities we see across womenswear:

The Classic Style Personality

This sophisticated, elegant, and timeless style is perhaps the most common.

The Classic Style Personality woman prefers style over fashion. She is conservative and well-organized. She loves wearing good quality, clean, tailored, classic cuts.

She is most likely the one who has a cohesive, minimal wardrobe, mainly of neutral colors. She likes color-matching her clothes and accessories.

Visit M·style alley’s Pinterest board for the Classic Style Personality Examples:

Classic Style Personality Examples  #ClassicStylePersonalityExamples

The Natural Style Personality

Another frequent style, which is becoming increasingly popular due to fast fashion’s fast fashion’s environmental impact on our planet, is the natural style.

The Natural Style Personality woman typically prefers comfort to looks. That’s not to say that she doesn’t want to be stylish. She usually wears cool, relaxed, less-structured, girl-next-door outfits and knows how to look good effortlessly.

She is laid back and easygoing. She loves wearing neutral colors, natural materials, and looser-fitting clothes.

Her wardrobe is simple and full of easy-to-maintain clothing, unfussy with not too many details and simple to no accessories.

Visit M· style’s alley Pinterest board for the Natural Style Personality Examples:

Natural Style Personality Examples #NaturalStylePersonalityExamples

The Romantic/Bohemian Style Personality

This Personal Style is soft, delicate, and femininely charming.

The Romantic/Bohemian Style Personality woman prefers everything pretty: floral, pleated, laced, ruffled, bowed… anything that is girly and feminine. She loves soft lines and wearing fluid, unstructured garments.

She is romantic and dreamy. She loves wearing soft colors, blushy pinks, pretty florals, and soft suedes.

Her wardrobe is full of silky, flowy, and draped fabrics: skirts, dresses, jumpsuits, and flared trousers… She likes soft knits and many layers, lots of jewelry, delicate pieces, and often vintage pieces with a romantic story behind them.

Visit M·style alley’s Pinterest board for the Romantic/Bohemian Style Personality Examples:

Romantic/Bohemian Style Personality Examples #Romantic-Bohemianstyleexamples #Romantic-Bohemianstylepersonality #Romantic-Bohemianstyle

The Urban/Casual Style Personality

This Style Personality could be a little more complex to define as a wide variety of traits has shaped it. The urban street style roots back to the ’50s and upwards and has been heavily influenced by film, music, sports, and even political events. This Personal Style is continuously evolving but also has elements of urban or casual style that remain the same. Also, the tendency to mix trendy with classics and simple basics seems to travel from decade to decade.

Urban/Casual style woman likes to feel comfortable yet appear cool and stylish. She likes to play with oversized shapes, including menswear. Sports, slogans, the military, or music genres such as rock, punk, hip-hop, and rap can inspire her outfits.

Urban/Casual Style Personality is strong and rebellious. So she loves wearing darker colors like black and khaki, often contrasting them with white, neutrals, or pops of bold color.

Her wardrobe has a contemporary, cool, urban street vibe collection to dress up with and a few pairs of investment sneakers. She may have bling jewelry, a baseball cap, or beanies to spice up a look.

Visit M·style alley’s Pinterest board for the Urban/Casual Style Personality Examples:

#Urban-Casualstyleexamples #Urban-Casualstylepersonality #Urban-Casualstyle #Urban-Casualstyle

The Edgy Style Personality

The Edgy style is a confident “look at me” attitude Style Personality. The style was born with the “Twilight” film. Initially trending as glam rock, punk, and vintage style, it is now evolving to more elegant and polished looks and introducing more and more fine cuts, fabrics, and patterns like chiffon silk and florals. Today, it’s all about being unconventional, experimental, and imaginative.

A woman with an Edgy Style Personality is confident and sharp. She can wear a combination of anything… Girly feminine dress with chunky combat boots, tight mini skirt with an oversized checked shirt, or ripped jeans with high heels and a sexy top.

She particularly loves black. Wears a lot of neutrals: white, grey, camel.

Her wardrobe is full of character and signature items. Her signature items, as they are so original, are versatile and easy to dress up and down. It is common to find lots of leather, distressed denim, silky pieces, and animal prints in her wardrobe. And almost every Edgy style wardrobe will have chunky and bulky knits, boots, and jewelry.

Visit M·style alley’s Pinterest board for the Edgy Style Personality Examples:

#Edgystyleexamples #Edgystylepersonality #Edgystyle #Edgystyle

The Dramatic Style Personality

The Dramatic style is all about glam and excitement. This style is striking: dramatic, intense, and theatrical.

As the name suggests, a woman with this Style Personality loves to create drama in her look. She is strong, confident, and direct and can appear seductive. She likes to make an entrance, grab everyone’s attention, and turn heads around. She wears bold, glamorous, often figure-hugging and revealing clothes to achieve that.

The Dramatic Style Personality woman loves intense and vibrant colors, exotic shapes, and prints. She will wear anything that makes a statement.

Practicality is not her priority. Her go-to pieces are typically unusual angles, shapes, cuts, prints, and patterns. So, in her wardrobe, you find a lot of attention-grabbing, bold statement and dramatic detail pieces to get her noticed. She has a lot of elaborate accessories, exaggerated waist finishes, impactful statement-making shoes, and handbags. Anything that helps to grab the audience’s attention and stand out from the crowd will be there.

Visit M· style’s alley Pinterest board for the Dramatic Style Personality Examples:

#Dramaticstyleexamples #Dramaticstylepersonality #Dramaticstyle #Dramaticstyle

The Creative Style Personality

This style screams creativity and unconventional fashion. It is quirky, imaginative, highly individual, and unique.

Creative Style Personality woman is independent, innovative, and sassy. She often has some drama in her looks because she has such bold flair.

The Creative woman sees to create a unique masterpiece every day! She is brave to be adventurous and combine different styles in one look, mixing all sorts of fabrics, textures, prints, and colors. She loves wearing unusual combinations to create high impact. No fashion rules apply to her!

Because of this, her wardrobe can look like a gallery of unusual treasures. It will most likely be full of contrasting styles, varied fabrics, funky patterns, and prints with striking color combinations, unique accessories, exotic pieces, jewelry, hats, handbags, shoes, scarves… you name it! She needs to have all this to create a unique masterpiece every day!

Visit M· style’s alley Pinterest board for the Creative Style Personality Examples:

#Creativestyleexamples #Creativestylepersonality #Creativestyle #Creativestyle

So, Which Style Personality Are You?

Of course, there are more Style Personalities than seven, but I just wanted to cover today’s most common styles.

You may not fit precisely the descriptions mentioned above. Still, I hope you can relate to them a little, and they can be a good starting point for your Style Personality discovery journey.

Ready To (Re)Connect With Your Style And Transform Your Wardrobe?

Dive into the life-changing experience with the UNIQUE YOU Minimalist Wardrobe Planner Workbook. (Re)discover your Style, create a Wardrobe Color Palette, and build a Minimalist or Capsule Wardrobe that reflects YOU! Packed with step-by-step instructions, personalized worksheets, and real-life examples, this workbook is your path to mindful wardrobe choices and a more intentional approach to fashion.

Wardrobe Planner Workbook #Wardrobe Planner Workbook #WardrobePlannerWorkbook

Can Style Personality Change?

Yes, absolutely! We live in constant evolution, and so is our style. New situations occur, our priorities change, and so our Personal Style adapts to them, too.

However, it is common for a dominant Style Personality to remain pretty much the same. In contrast, secondary or any combination of complimentary Style Personalities can easily fade away and be replaced with new options that reflect your new lifestyle.

For example, I used to work in an office, so my wardrobe was full of classic items: court shoes, shirts, and pencil skirts. Since COVID-19 changed our lives, I have been working from home. I mostly wear jeans, jumpers, and trainers. So, my classic style is fading away, and I now wear a more Natural, Urban/Casual style, but I still like to blend an Edge element into it.

But even without drastic life changes, our style preferences can change as often as the seasons in a year. Autumn/winter and spring/summer seasonality are the most common and obvious examples. We all like to pull out our florals when the sun shines brighter and go all bohemian and romantic. We want to snuggle into the more serious patterns and darker colors when it’s dark and cold outside, so we return to more structured and sophisticated styles.

Sometimes, our Personal Styles can change a few times a day! For example, you want always to be taken seriously in your workplace. You dress classy and appropriately to the nature of your job. After work, you like to rock & roll and meet your friends in funky t-shirts and combat boots. And yet, if you go on a date, you might wear Dramatic style as this is how you feel – you want to own the room, seduce, and be feminine.

And that’s why Style Personalities are so exciting and fun to learn! They tell so much about us without us having to speak.

So (re)connect with your Personal Style, align with your lifestyle needs, and create a wardrobe that boosts confidence and empowers you every day!

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