Project 333: Honest, Detailed Review, Rules And Tips!

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Project 333 was one of the first Slow Fashion challenges I’ve done.

First, I signed up for the Slow Fashion Season 2021 challenge, which invited you to buy nothing new from July to September.

Then I thought, since I am not shopping for the next three months, it would be good to sort out my existing wardrobe and challenge myself even further. So, I  decided to try a well-known Slow Fashion Challenge – Project 333.

What Is Project 333?

Project 333  is a Slow Fashion Challenge encouraging you to dress with 33 items for 3 months. This is a perfect challenge for those who want to simplify and declutter.

When I came across Courtney Carver’s blog bemorewithless, I had a collection of clothes I’d wear the most but still stored quite a few items that I found difficult to let go of. To declutter and have fun with creating a Capsule Wardrobe of only 33 things for 3 months sounded like an exciting challenge to me. I also liked the idea of learning how ‘to say goodbye’ to those difficult-to-part items.

So, due to the summer season in the UK (I lived at that time), I started the challenge in June. I chose my three months to be June, July, and August.


Even though the Project 333 rules say you can start the challenge anytime (and you can!), I suggest you consider starting it at the beginning of the season, wherever you live and whatever seasons your location brings.

I found it easier to choose 33 items for one season rather than two, as the weather and clothing are expected to be similar in the same season.

After I picked the three months I wanted to do the challenge for, I had to decide on my 33 items to go for. Here are the challenge 333 rules followed.

Project 333 Rules

Drop All Your Closet Items Into One Giant Pile

What is Project 333? #project333 #project333summer #project333rules #project333stepbystep

Review And Sort Items Into 3 Piles:

Love Pile

Items that go to this pile are the ones that you love. It is easy to shortlist items into this pile. You have to choose the items you wear the most and cannot live without.

Maybe Pile

This is the pile of clothes you are unsure about. The ones you are not ready to part with but don’t feel like them enough to add to the “love” pile, either.

Donate Pile

Here, you add items you haven’t touched within a year or more. Things that no longer serve you: poor fit, no longer wanted, items you are ready to sell, get rid of or give away.

Courtney Carver suggests:

For this wardrobe declutter, if the idea of letting these items go for good doesn’t feel that good to you, here’s a gentler option. Remove them from your closet, put them in an unmarked box, and hide the box for a month or two. If you don’t miss the items, drop them at a local donation centre.

Pick 33 Favorite Items

Including clothing, accessories, jewelry, outerwear, and shoes, pick 33 of your favorite items for the three months according to the season you chose to do the 333 project. Consider what will fit the best with the season’s weather, your lifestyle, and daily, weekly, and monthly needs.

You don’t have to count in your 333 collection items, such as sentimental pieces of jewelry that you never take off, underwear, sleepwear, loungewear, and workout clothing.

Ensure Chosen Items Mix And Match Well Together

Like any minimal wardrobe, a capsule wardrobe works best when mixing and matching your items is easy. This helps you maximize the number of outfits you can get from your Project 333 Capsule Wardrobe collection.


  • Start shortlisting from the Love pile. Most of you will probably already make 33 items from this pile for the challenge, but if you have less than 33 items, go to your Maybe pile. Choose items from there that would mix and match best with your already chosen things.
  • If you live in similar weather conditions where any year season can happen in 3 months, then your best friend is layering! T-shirts, long-sleeved T-shirts, shirts, cardigans, shackets, jackets – all these will work magic for you!
  • Check your calendar. Check your plans, such as holidays, work trips, and possible events you may want to attend in the next three months, so you want to make sure you have outfits to wear for them, too.

Box Up The Remainder, Donate The Excess

After your Project 333 collection is completed, box up the remainder.

Store away items for other seasons (in my instance, as I created a capsule wardrobe for the summer season, I still had my favorite fall/winter items in my Love pile left, so I stored them in under-bed storage until the cooler seasons came).

Also, if you are not ready to part with a Maybe pile yet… Box up, seal up, and put it away from your reach for a few months. Review your stored box when you are ready, or add it immediately into the Donate pile and sell, recycle, or give it away.

My Project 333 List Of Items (+ links to similar styles)

For the summer months in the UK, I chose to wear the following:

Project 333 Tops-8 #Project333 Tops #Project333list<br />
Project 333 Bottoms #Project333 Bottoms #Project333list<br />
Project 333 Layers #Project333 Layers #Project333list
Project 333 Shoes-6 #Project333 shoes #Project333list
Project 333 Accessories #Project333 Accessories #Project333list
Project 333 Jewelry #Project333 Jewelry #Project333list

My Project 333 Jewelry Box

I even made a Capsule Box for my jewelry (all pieces mix and match well with each other)

Here’s My Project 333 Summer Capsule Wardrobe


Feedback On The Project 333 Challenge

I must admit the challenge of 33 items for three months sounded like good fun but also a terrifying idea to me, especially when I committed to doing it on social media in front of my family, friends, and followers. But once I built my Capsule Wardrobe and started wearing it, I found the time during this challenge enjoyable and beneficial.

The Benefits I Discovered

Feeling Good Every Day

I thought I’d be sick of wearing only 33 items for the whole summer. Opposite – I enjoyed it very much! It was so easy to choose what to wear. I developed an attachment to my favs. I no longer had decision-making fatigue. My closet was organized, spacious, and easy to navigate. I loved every item in my wardrobe as everything made me feel good.

Here are some pictures of my favorite outfits during Project 333 summertime.


Parting With Things At Ease

Since I had a collection of my favorites, I didn’t even think of those packed in boxes… which is a sign that they weren’t adding too much value to my life. Therefore, they no longer had to be around, occupying my space. After proving to myself that I could live without boxed items for months, it was easy to let them go.

Project 333 taught me exactly what I wanted – to part with things at ease. I loved this challenge concept so much that I’ve started applying the same principle to everything in my life. Kitchen, bathroom, makeup, books, storage room, career, finances, and even relationships!

It helped me see all aspects of my life differently, asking myself simple questions:

  • Does it bring value to my life?
  • Does it serve a purpose?
  • Does it bring me joy?

If the answer to these questions is ‘no’, I can’t afford to have it.

My new motto is – Review, declutter, and enjoy fresh space! Be happy with less!

Learning The Feeling Of ‘Enough’

I learned to notice and appreciate what I have. I learned the sense of ‘enough‘. The desire and urge to get new things faded after realizing I had everything I needed.

Rediscovering Personal Style

Project 333 challenge made me go back and ponder my personal style journey. I’ve learned the significant impact working in an office had on my Personal Style. Project 333 made me rediscover those other styles I had forgotten because of my busy working life.

For example, I’d always wear classic, strict pieces for work, forgetting that I often love wearing Edgy, Rocky Chic, or Romantic styles. Feminine and Bohemian styles are usually my favorites for summertime. So, when I had to choose only 33 items for the challenge, it was interesting to see which ones were taking priority.

Striving For The Quality

I also noticed my standards for quality improved immensely! Almost instantly, I’ve started to look for better quality in everything and be more considerate. Whenever I want to purchase something, I look for quality, longevity, and the value it will bring.

I developed a new mindset of investing rather than spending. The saved money I’d spend on random impulse shopping allows me to get better things, not only for my wardrobe but also for beauty products and self-care.

The Challenges I Encountered

Was it all perfect?

Of course not! Like nothing in this world is!

Most days were easy, but some were challenging. Here are a few hurdles I had.

Washing More Often

I realized that when you have just a few tops, you need to wash them more often, and you have to plan your washing routine if you want to wear certain items from your wardrobe on a particular day.

It was fine for me as I live with my partner, so combining our things made enough to wash every other day. But if I lived alone, having more pieces to start my washing machine would probably make more sense.

Variety Requirement For Holidays And Different Climates

Also, it could be tricky if you have trips or holidays planned to travel, especially if you are going somewhere with a different climate from where you live.

For example, in August, in England, where we lived then, the temperature was around 20℃. But we were going on a road trip to Scotland, where the weather was cooler and wet (10-15 degrees). Later that month, we had a city break and beach holiday planned in France, where the temperature was around 30 degrees almost every day.

This is where I slipped a bit on Project 333 rules and had to make an exception. I was glad that activewear in the Project 333 list doesn’t count but not so glad that my old walking boots fell apart and, us planning to have plenty of rainy hikes in Scotland, it was clear that I needed a good new pair of hiking boots. The good thing was that hiking boots were not one of my Project 333 items as they are for outdoor activity. The bad news was I had to break the ‘no shopping’ rule to get a new pair.

However, it was good to realize that in the past, I most likely would go and get a pair of whatever boots I could bother to buy. This time, I strategized my purchase. I planned which design would be best for me, considering the multiple activities I wanted to do in the future. I decided to go for not-so-bulky walking shoes so I can wear them not only for mountain hikes but also for walks in the park. This saves me having an extra pair of walking/hiking shoes for each occasion. I researched the quality that could last me forever and invested in an excellent pair of boots from Jack Wolfskin.


This picture is from our trip to Scotland. We had been on the top of that mountain, so you understand it would not be safe for me to climb it wearing a pair of running trainers, right?

As Courtney Carver says, “This is not a suffering project“. If you have some alterations to make to feel comfortable – do it. As this exception was made not for fashion purposes, I don’t feel guilty about getting a pair of excellent hiking boots I will wear for years.

Apart from getting these boots, I did very well sticking with my 33 items and didn’t even use them all. It turns out I was wearing my favorites within my favorites, totaling only 28 items in the end.

Also, I didn’t miss my packed-away items from Maybe pile, as I did pretty well shortlisting my 33 pieces by selecting the right things for my Summer Capsule Wardrobe. I enjoyed every look I created, so I didn’t need to look for anything more.

List Of Items That Worked Best For Me In My Project 333 Summer Capsule Wardrobe

Favorites Of My Favorites

Project 333 Jewelry Box

Honestly, I had worn only a few items from my jewelry box, which shows me I didn’t need so much jewelry. Now, I hardly ever look at the shopping window for jewelry as I know I have more than enough.

Tips For Project 333 Challenge

Do A Trial Week

Pretend to start the challenge a week before so you see how it goes. This will remind you about things you may have forgotten when planning your Capsule Wardrobe for the challenge. It will give you time and ideas to improve your selection and adjust.

Consider Seasonality

As I briefly mentioned already, I recommend doing this challenge in the same season. What do I mean by that – do summer in summer (e.g., June, July, August), fall in fall (e.g., September, October, November), or whatever months your location defines as a season.

As temperatures differ from season to season, choosing and having 33 items for one – same season will be easier. However, this may not apply to those living in a country without defined seasons.

Make Notes

If you want to repeat the challenge, note what you want to improve, change, or add next time, as you may forget with time.

Make A Wishlist

Living without shopping for three months may be difficult for some people.

Instead of telling your brain, ‘You cannot‘, tell it, ‘I’ll get it later‘. Make a wishlist and refer to it after three months. Sometimes it is easier to cope with a “later” than with “never”. You may not even want to buy those things when the time comes. That happened to me on several occasions, as this is something I learned and carry on practicing outside Project 333.

Treat Yourself

As you save money while doing this challenge, do something nice for yourself instead of shopping for things. Maybe treat yourself with something related to self-care and well-being. Live your life better by not owning things but by experiencing them. Go to a new yoga studio, spa, retreat, or anything you like!

If you had a dedicated time or tradition to go shopping on particular days, instead, spend that time with your family and friends doing fun things.

Even if at the end of challenge 333, you still decide to buy something for your wardrobe, treat yourself to a new item of a better quality.

These little changes make the challenge process more enjoyable and help build muscle to new, healthier habits.

Don’t Quit

Don’t give up even if things are not going so well. Don’t think that everything has to be perfect. Perfect doesn’t exist, remember?!

Don’t give up if it is more challenging than expected or if you have an unplanned event, holiday, or other occasion! Slip on the rule when it comes to it and get back on track after the event (just like my story with the hiking boots).

If a particular piece in your Project 333 capsule wardrobe isn’t working well, swap it with another or increase the item number if needed. Deal with the issue the best way for you, but don’t give up. Having 35 items for three months is better than going back to square one, having a cluttered closet.

So, even if you end up with different pieces from what you’ve initially started or a couple more items in your wardrobe than planned, you may still learn something new. You still tried the challenge, reduced consumption, cut your shopping for three months, or at least reduced it, and learned more about yourself, your wardrobe, and your habits.

Perhaps you will inspire other people! Some of your family, friends, or co-workers may also want to try this challenge. You are much stronger than you think and may become a reason for someone’s positive change.

If you struggle, you are welcome to contact me @mstylealley or follow #project333 #bemorewithless on Instagram to discover more about Project 333 and be inspired by like-minded people. Connect with them. You may even make friends! There are so many inspiring personalities and success stories out there! They will motivate you. Doing a challenge with friends is easier than entirely on your own.

Have Fun!

This is important! Please don’t take it too seriously… Have fun styling, and try to pair pieces you have never paired before. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Be playful. Look for new ideas and inspirations online. I am sure you will enjoy it more than you think!

 Who Is Project 333 For?

This challenge is for someone overwhelmed with their current closet and wanting to declutter, organize, and maximize space. For someone looking to cut consumption, learn new shopping habits, and run a more sustainable wardrobe.

Or even someone who has absolutely no interest in fashion. Someone who has no time for thinking about wardrobe. Someone who wants to free up mental and physical space so they can focus on things that matter in life more.

However, it is an individual experience. No review or feedback can tell what one will experience. You may love or hate it, but give it a go to try it!

My Takeaway

My takeaway from this challenge is immense! I learned how to declutter my space and let things go. It taught me the sense of ‘enough’ and to be more strategic and intentional while shopping.

Furthermore, after my Project 333 challenge, I created a Minimalist Wardrobe for the year following the same principle and had it for a few years now.

My year-rounder consists of two Capsule Wardrobes: Spring/ Summer and Fall/Winter. While editing my Capsule Wardrobe for these seasons, I always try to keep up to 66 items for the Seasonal Capsule Wardrobe. 70% of those 66 items are my core items, which travel from season to season year-round.

You can find more details about my current wardrobe in this post:

Furthermore, doing the Project 333 challenge inspired me to share my personal styling skills and expertise. I have created a UNIQUE YOU Minimalist Wardrobe Planner Workbook that covers not only decluttering but also the three key factors for a customized wardrobe:

🌟 Defining Style Personality

🌟 Identifying Body Shape

🌟 Creating Wardrobe Color Palette


Ready To Transform Your Wardrobe?

Discover the secrets to a curated and intentional wardrobe with my UNIQUE YOU Minimalist Wardrobe Planner Workbook. Drawing on years of experience, this guide is your blueprint to downsizing your wardrobe effortlessly. Packed with step-by-step instructions, personalized worksheets, and real-life examples, it’s your path to mindful wardrobe choices and a more intentional approach to fashion.

I hope you enjoyed this read and that the information you found here is helpful. Please subscribe for more and share with anyone who also may like it.

Your support means a lot 🤍

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