Do you feel lost in the world of color? Are you unsure how to create a customized Wardrobe Color Palette and embrace its benefits? If so, it’s time to embark on a journey to curate a Wardrobe Color Palette that reflects your style, suits your personality, and makes getting dressed a joy.

This blog post will take you through 6 easy steps to create a Wardrobe Color Palette that not only simplifies your daily outfit decisions but also resonates with your style preferences. Say goodbye to the endless search for matching items, and say hello to a closet filled with colors that reflect YOU and your style personality. Let’s dive into the world of color and transform your wardrobe into a curated collection you’ll love!

What Is A Wardrobe Color Palette?

A Wardrobe Color Palette is a range of colors thoroughly chosen to complement and accompany one another, which are easy to mix and match to get various outfits. The colors are usually selected according to an individual’s Personal Style and fashion preferences.

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What Are Wardrobe Color Palette Benefits?

Creating a Wardrobe Color Palette can offer several benefits, including:

Helps Organizing Closet

A harmonized Wardrobe Color Palette makes it easy to organize and keep our closets tidy and in order. We only need to sort out our clothing by color, and the wardrobe will instantly look more aesthetically pleasing and become easier to navigate.

Simplifies Outfit Choices

Selected colors in the Wardrobe Color Palette usually complement each other and work well together, making them easy to mix and match. This reduces decision fatigue and helps create numerous different outfits from a small number of pieces effortlessly.

Defines Personal Style

Creating a Wardrobe Color Palette helps us define our Personal Style as we can see colors, prints, and patterns we naturally gravitate towards, defining our style personalities.

Boosts Confidence

Knowing our Personal Style, that our wardrobe and outfits work, and that we feel and look great in them boosts confidence and self-esteem.

Simplifies Shopping

Knowing our Wardrobe Color Palette and Personal Style preferences makes shopping easier. Knowing precisely what we are looking for saves time and effort.

Reduces Shopping And Consumption

Knowing precisely what we are looking for means fostering mindful shopping. Mindful shopping means fewer mistakes and less waste. Since we buy the right items, we are more satisfied and wear them longer.

Saves Money

As our wardrobe turnover is lower and we shop with an agenda, we save all the money we’d spend on impulse buys.

Saves Space

Since we can create numerous outfits with harmonized colors, we don’t need to overcrowd our closets. Creating a Wardrobe Color Palette allows us to declutter and weed out random, unfitting colors from our wardrobe, saving space in our closets.

Allows Us To Travel Light

With a color-coordinated wardrobe, it is easy to pack for travel as we know everything will match, and we can create multiple outfits from a small collection of clothes.

How To Create A Wardrobe Color Palette You’ll Love?

Typically, Wardrobe Color Palettes are created of Base, Neutral, and Accent colors, later accompanied by Prints and Patterns and finishing up with a choice of Metallics:

Step 1: Choose Base Colors

Base Colors are what it sounds like. They are the base-primary colors for your wardrobe’s core pieces.
The most common tones for Base Colors are black, grey, or navy. Less common but also popular: brown, camel, or burgundy. The best way to identify your Base Colors is to look at your bottoms, coats, and shoes.

Step 2: Choose Neutral Colors

Neutral Colors, again… as it sounds, should not be attention-grabbing. They are non-competing, balancing tones to compliment your Base Colors. They are a backdrop for your Accent Colors and Prints. Popular choices for Neutrals are beige, khaki, or mocha for darker tones. The colors are usually versatile and timeless to go with your Base Colors.

Step 3: Choose Accent Colors

Accent Colors, Prints, and Patterns are all about fun and your Personal Style.
There is an endless variety of Accent Colors to choose from. Frequently, they are vibrant and full of character.

Accent Colors paired with Neutrals and Basics make our outfits more interesting. They can be bright and cheerful, such as orange, yellow, pink, blue, green, and any of their shades. But that doesn’t mean that Accent Colors must always be bright and vivid. Not everyone seeks attention-catching outcomes. They must only differ from Base and Neutral Colors to add more interest to your outfits.

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Step 4: Choose Prints & Patterns

Prints and Patterns are another perfect and unique way to express your Personal Style. However, Prints are not as easy to mix and match as solid colors. Therefore, it is essential to consider the colors you have chosen already and select Prints and Patterns that will look good together.

If you are creating a Wardrobe Color Palette for a Minimalist or a Capsule Wardrobe, I suggest choosing just a couple of Prints, but of course, the freedom is yours!

The Colors, so as Prints and Patterns, can also be fantastic ammunition to highlight or disguise particular body parts. Read more about it here.

Step 5: Choose Metallics

Did you know there is much more to it than choosing your favorite Metal/Metallic Colors? They not only have to be your favorite, but they’ll look even better on you if they suit your skin tone!

The most straightforward way to determine what Metallic suits you most is to look at your complexion. The general rule is that white gold, platinum, and silver are best for people with cool skin tones, and yellow, rose gold, copper, and brass suit people with warm skin tones.

You are in luck if you have a neutral skin tone, as any Metallic Colors will look good on you.

Metals are an essential part of our outfits. They complete the look, polish and add charm to our styles.

We wear Metals primarily as jewelry. But also, they can come to our outfits in various forms, such as hair accessories, handbags, shoes, and actual clothing. In clothing, they can come as buttons, buckles, or a whole piece of a shimmering or sequin outfit.

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Step 6: Finalize Your Wardrobe Color Palette

Add your Base, Neutral, and Accent Colors in one sheet, and add Prints, Patterns, and Metallics so you can visualize them all together.

Use your notes while reviewing your wardrobe or shopping for new additions.

Getting your wardrobe colors right is essential if you want a functional wardrobe, especially if you have a Minimalist or a Capsule Wardrobe.

The best way to determine customized wardrobe colors is to seek advice from professionals in person. However, I understand that personal stylist or color consultant services are not always accessible to everyone.

Therefore, I created the UNIQUE YOU Minimalist Wardrobe Planner Workbook, which not only helps you create a customized Wardrobe Color Palette but also guides you through the process of aligning your wardrobe to your needs, defining Personal Style, learning about your Body Shape, recognizing unsuitable pieces in your wardrobe and decluttering them. Packed with step-by-step instructions, personalized worksheets, and real-life examples, the UNIQUE YOU Minimalist Wardrobe Planner Workbook is your path to mindful wardrobe choices and a more intentional approach to fashion.

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Investigating your existing wardrobe is the best way to learn which colors you naturally gravitate towards. The workbook thoroughly explains how to consider seasonality, notice color patterns in your closet, and create a color palette from the items you already have.

Its personalized fillable questionnaires, templates, and worksheets will allow you to make notes that you can print out and use for your convenience.

The UNIQUE YOU Minimalist Wardrobe Planner Workbook is more than just a tool for creating a Wardrobe Color Palette. It is a comprehensive guide that will help you create an organized and functional wardrobe that will bring you peace, confidence, and joy in your daily life!

Furthermore, the workbook includes exclusive bonuses, two of which in particular are very helpful when working with wardrobe colors and styling pieces:

Bonus 1:

The Power of Wearing Colors & Their Meaning. Discover the meaning of colors, their use, combinations, and styling tips.

Bonus 3:

Tips on How to Mix & Match. Learn to create multiple outfits with a small collection of clothes. Real-life mix-and-match examples, plus formula included.

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So don’t wait any longer!

Do you have a workbook already? Need help? Or have a story to share? Connect @mstylealley & #happywithless. I will be thrilled to hear from you!

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