Honest Wild Deodorant Review: My First 2 Months

Honest Wild Deodorant Review: My First 2 Months

Hello again, my fellow seekers of simplicity and conscious living! As promised in my last blog post, “Honest and Detailed Wild Deodorant Review: My First 3 Weeks”, today, I’m excited to share my journey with Wild deodorant over the past two months. As a minimalist lifestyle advocate, I’ve always believed in the power of intentional choices, especially when it comes to personal care products. In this honest and detailed review, I’ll share my experience with Wild deodorant, exploring its effectiveness, sustainability, and overall performance, as by this point, I have tried it for a longer period of time.


Wild Deodorant: A Breath of Fresh Air

Let’s start with the basics. Wild deodorant, a rising star in natural personal care, caught my attention with its promise of aluminum-free, cruelty-free, and sustainable deodorant solutions. The ethos behind Wild deodorant aligns perfectly with my reducing consumption values, making it a natural choice for my daily routine.

If you haven’t heard about Wild deodorant much and would like to find out more about what Wild deodorant is or my first impressions of it and its packaging, please check this blog post:

However, if you are already familiar with this product’s DNA, we can continue with my two-month experience with Wild deodorant review.


My First Two Months Experience With Wild Deodorant: 

No “Transitional Period” or Any Discomfort

So… two months passed, and I can confirm that my “transition period” from antiperspirants to natural Wild deodorant was minimal. I had no unpleasant irritation or odors, and the deodorant was effective.

If you are unfamiliar with the term, apparently, it is possible to experience a “transition period” when switching to a natural deodorant. During this period, you may notice excessive sweating as your body adjusts from antiperspirant use to natural deodorant. Additionally, you may experience more odor than usual in your armpits.

I read that it was important to note that not everyone will experience this, and I can confirm that the transition period varies from person to person, as in my case, it was so small that it was hardly noticeable at all!

Almost instantly, I forgot that I had changed my deodorant, except for enjoying the smell every morning while applying it.

Easy To Apply

Wild deodorant is easy to apply and pleasant to use. Its texture is creamy but not sticky or too oily, unlike other natural deodorant options.

It’s Effective, and The Refills Last

One of my fears was that Wild refills would finish quickly. I used some creamy deodorants in the past, and they’d finish soon because of the creamy texture – the application would inevitably be rich. But with Wild deodorant, that’s not the case. The creamy texture of deodorant is much more compressed, and therefore, it lasts longer.

I’ve been using Wild for two months now and only started my second refill last week. Based on my usage, I can confirm that one refill lasts me seven weeks, although, during summer months, when it’s hotter, I may need to replace it every six weeks.

I must admit, though, that I am not the sweatiest person in the world, but when I go for a run, workout, or a good hike, I still sweat a lot.

Lovely Smells

OMG! The Wild deodorant scents! So far, I have tried only the Fresh Cotton & Sea Salt and Ocean Mist smells. I liked Fresh Cotton & Sea Salt so much that I will definitely include it in my next order, of course, along with some others new to try, too.

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It’s Hydrating My Skin and Feels Healthier

The Wild deodorant has a creamy and hydrating texture, making it a pleasant product to use. In the past, I used Nivea deodorant antiperspirant, which dried out my skin and often caused itchiness. However, I always feel comfortable and refreshed with Wild deodorant, and my skin remains healthy.

The Downside

Yes, Wild deodorant has a downside, but whether it’s significant or minimal is up to you to decide.

Wild deodorant appears to leave white marks on darker clothes. You have to be careful and mind how you dress, especially if your clothes are tight. Here’s what I mean:

2 Months Honest Wild Deodorant Review: My First 2 Months

I have learned not to overapply deodorant by using Wild deodorant. If I apply it first thing in the morning and let it dry before getting dressed, I don’t have issues with white marks. Additionally, even if white marks do appear on my clothes, they wash off easily and leave no evidence of stains. Unlike other deodorants I have used in the past, Wild deodorant does not leave yellow or grey stains. While it may appear on the inside of clothes while wearing them, it comes off completely once washed.


Pros and Cons:

Wild Deodorant Pros and Cons</p>
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If you read my Wild deodorant review for the first three weeks, you may remember that there were more cons on the list, but this time, I decided not to include them since I had not experienced those issues. These were “Smudgy case,” “Soft scents,” and “Deodorant gives you a rush.”

I want to explain:

  • Smudgy case (It was a user error. I found that if I do not overapply the deodorant, I do not have this issue)
  • Soft Scents (Previously, I added “Scents” in both Pros and Cons as the scents aren’t too strong, which some might see as positive, some as negative value. As this list of pros and cons is based on my experiences and opinions, I see the soft scents as positive. They are pleasant, not overpowering, and more natural, which is exactly what I was looking for)
  • Can give you rash (from my research about this product, I found that some of the Wild deodorant reviews mention people having a rash after using this product. I did not have any issues whatsoever. Therefore, I am not including this on my cons list)


All In All: Why Should You Consider Wild Deodorant?

First of all, for all the mentioned above in “My Two Months Experience”, plus all the listed reasons below:

Ingredients and Sustainability

One of the key reasons I decided to use Wild deodorant is its emphasis on natural ingredients and sustainability. Unlike conventional deodorants loaded with harsh chemicals, Wild deodorant harnesses the power of nature, utilizing ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, and essential oils to keep odor at bay. Knowing that I’m not exposing my skin to harmful substances brings peace of mind, aligning with my minimalist ethos of prioritizing quality over quantity. 

Effectiveness and Performance

As mentioned earlier, I am not the sweatiest person, but in my experience, from the moment I applied Wild deodorant, it worked for me. Even during intense workouts or stressful situations, Wild deodorant held its own, keeping me feeling fresh and confident. The formula is gentle yet effective, providing long-lasting protection without the need to apply it frequently. For those transitioning from conventional antiperspirants, there may be a brief adjustment period as your body detoxifies, but the results are well worth the initial transition. 

Scent Options and Personalization

One of the highlights of my Wild deodorant journey has been and is the opportunity to enjoy fabulous scents! I like that we can explore a variety of scents. Wild has such a vast selection, and I cannot wait to try them all! I appreciate the brand’s commitment to personalization, allowing us to choose scents that resonate with our individual tastes and preferences. Plus, with refillable cartridges, you can easily switch between scents without contributing to unnecessary waste—a win-win for both you and the planet. 

Long-Term Sustainability and Refill System

Speaking of sustainability, Wild deodorant goes above and beyond to minimize its environmental footprint. The brand’s innovative refill system allows us to replenish our deodorant cartridges without purchasing additional packaging, reducing plastic waste and promoting a circular economy. I’ve been impressed by how seamlessly the refill process integrates into my routine, making sustainable choices effortless and accessible. By investing in Wild deodorant, you not only prioritize your well-being but also contribute to a healthier planet for our fauna and flora.


My Overall Wild Deodorant Review – Recommendation!

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My Tips

  • Apply first thing in the morning and let it dry to avoid white marks on your clothes.
  • Don’t apply too much deodorant, as the excess won’t absorb, and the case can go smudgy.
  • If you happen to have excess, wipe it off so it doesn’t create discomfort or transfer on clothes.

Don’t Hesitate and Try It For Yourself

If you read this Wild deodorant review up to this much, it means you are interested in this lavish, healthier, beautifully smelling product! Order it, try it, and enjoy the new, healthier product for you and the planet.

Final Thoughts: Embracing the Wild

As I reflect on my first two months of using Wild Deodorant, I feel grateful for its positive impact on my minimalist journey. Not only does Wild Deodorant keep its promises of effectiveness and sustainability, but it also embodies the essence of mindful living. It reminds us to embrace the beauty of simplicity and intentionality in every aspect of our lives. Whether you’re a seasoned minimalist or you’re just beginning your journey, I wholeheartedly recommend trying Wild Deodorant. Let’s embrace the wild and make conscious choices that uplift ourselves and the world around us.

In conclusion, my experience with Wild Deodorant has been transformative. From its natural ingredients to its sustainable practices, every aspect of the brand aligns with my values as a minimalist. When it comes to the most important aspect of any deodorant – whether it works or not – Wild Deodorant has justified my expectations. It successfully prevents sweat odor but may leave white marks on darker clothes, which can be easily washed off. I am more than happy to deal with this minor inconvenience in exchange for eco-friendly and lovely-smelling pits.

Over the years, I’ve tried numerous vegan and natural deodorants, and I can confidently say that Wild is the best one for me. I did not experience any irritation on my skin, although it’s important to note that everyone’s body is different, and what works for me may not work for everyone else. With Wild, I feel my armpits are more hydrated and less damaged.

Finally, I am consciously trying to switch to more sustainable products that are cost-effective alternatives to the products I currently use. Wild deodorant is definitely the best for me, considering all the aspects that are important to me. I hope it will be for you, too!

The Sad Truth: Best 5 Eye-Opening Books about Fast Fashion

The Sad Truth: Best 5 Eye-Opening Books about Fast Fashion

Sometimes, I feel that not enough of us know or choose to ignore the fact of fast fashion’s environmental impact on our planet. Here, I’m sharing the best eye-opening books about fast fashion to learn about the dark side of this industry.

According to Bloomberg, ” The U.S. throws away up to 11.3 million tons of textile waste each year — around 2,150 pieces of clothing each second”. This statistic is only for the U.S.! And what about the rest of the world…?

More and more clothing is being produced every year as retailers and consumers don’t seem to get enough of unnecessary trends. Fast fashion is developing a disposable clothing mentality at a frenetic pace! Often, production exceeds demand, and staggering numbers of fast fashion garments are unsold and sent to landfills across the globe. Only a tiny fraction of what’s manufactured gets recycled.

The issues lay not only in quantity but in quality, too. For years, poorly made, cheap-quality materials have overtaken cotton as the backbone of textile production. Roughly 70% of the $3 trillion fashion industry comprises articles made from synthetics and petrochemicals. Fibers like nylon, polyester, and acrylic are prime sources of microplastic pollution. They are forever materials that never go away and take hundreds of years to biodegrade.

Learn the sad truth from eye-opening books about fast fashion, where authors openly talk not only about waste on the planet but also about hazardous and unfair conditions for workers in the garment manufacturing process and supply chain.


The Best 5 Eye-Opening Books About Fast Fashion

Eye-Opening Books about Fast Fashion. #booksaboutfastfashion

Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion

by Elizabeth L. Cline

Journalist and former cheap fashion addict Elizabeth L. covers not only what we are doing with our clothes but, most importantly, what they are doing to us! To our society, environment, and even our beings… The writer highlights the Bangladesh disaster in 2013, in particular, where the Rana Plaza tragedy claimed 1,133 lives of garment workers. Elizabeth L. Cline was one of the first U.S. journalists to reveal fast fashion’s environmental impact on our planet. This book covers it all: environmental impact, consumer behavior, and human rights.


To Die For: Is Fashion Wearing Out the World

by Lucy Siegle

Must-read book. After thorough research, British journalist Lucy Siegle reveals devastating stories and the dark side of the fast fashion business. The detailed investigation and mind-boggling facts about environmental degradation and exploitative and unsafe labor practices are exposed, and the message is strong. Revealing the inhumane and environmentally devastating stories of garment workers from Cambodian, Bangladesh, Uzbekistan… Making readers question and rethink their practical necessities and consumption habits. The author invites industry and consumers to make urgent changes. Today, we rarely know the origins of the clothes hanging in our closets. The writer encourages us to be curious about how, where, and by whom things we buy are made and be aware of value for money: ethically, morally, and in real terms.



by Dana Thomas

There is no doubt anymore about fast fashion’s enormous environmental impact on our planet, and famous journalist Dana Thomas exposes that in her book very well. However, it is time to do something about it. The world desperately needs a cleaner and more sustainable fashion model. Dana Thomas has traveled the world to find the answers to questions about what we should do next and how to fix it. This book is full of sad, eye-opening facts about the cost of fast fashion, but Dana Thomas ends it with optimism. She promotes and suggests ideas such as 3D-printed clothing, smart manufacturing, clean denim processing, hyper-localism, fabric recycling, and even lab-grown materials. We all need to contribute to fighting for a change – for healthier living.


Wardrobe Crisis: How We Went from Sunday Best to Fast Fashion

by Clare Press

Wardrobe Crisis is one of the best eye-opening books about fast fashion. Fashion journalist Clare Press launched the U.S. edition in New York in February 2018 at the Tishman Environment and Design Center as part of The New School’s Week of Disrupting Climate Injustice. In the book, the journalist analyzes the entire fashion ecosystem. The rise and fall of department stores, the disappearance of local brands, and how major fashion houses overtake them and become the fast fashion giants they are today. The writer doesn’t fail to mention the poor working conditions in textile factories and the devastating events taking many people’s lives. Despite revealing heartbreaking stories and statistics, the book is full of fashion humor, creating an excellent balance and making reading more interesting.


Slave to Fashion

by Safia Minney

As the title suggests, “Slave to Fashion” reveals sobering truths of modern-day slavery and child labor in today’s fashion world. The book includes heartbreaking personal stories of men, women, and children caught in the enslavement of fashion supply chains making clothes for high-street brands. Fairtrade and sustainable fashion expert and founder of the brand People Tree, Safia Minney, not only exposes the sad reality but also offers a way out. The book suggests that we, as consumers, can change the demand pattern. Clothing brands rely on us for survival, so if we demonstrate that fair trade, ethical, and sustainable fashion is our choice, that will make them shift their approach to the textile industry.


If you are not keen on reading a book, check out the documentary released in 2015, The True Cost. It covers how the world consumes around 80 billion new pieces of clothing annually, 400% more than twenty years ago. The average American now generates 82 pounds of textile waste each year. These numbers are likely much higher today!

If you want to hear even a shorter version of fast fashion’s environmental impact issue, in this video, the author of “To Die For: Is Fashion Wearing out the World?” Lucy Siegle exposes the fashion industry and its inhumane consequences in 15 minutes: The Wardrobe To Die For, Lucy Siegle, TEDxSalford. Have a look.


I hope you will find books interesting, eye-opening, and inspiring to rethink your wardrobe and clothing consumption. Please familiarize yourself with the issue, and don’t leave it in silence. Recognize that we don’t need multiple trends in one month! That following fast trends is pointless and needless! We don’t need to waste lots of time and money to keep up with them.

On the opposite, embrace YOUR personal style! Learn to admire fashion from a distance and be inspired by it, but create your own fashion in your wardrobe! Individual and unique style never goes out of trend!

Our low-cost clothing comes with a hefty price, and it’s time for a Conscious Fashion Revolution. Use the fast fashion books above to spread the word and create more awareness of what the fashion industry really costs us. And as Dana Thomas, an author of Fashionopolis, says, “It’s time to get dressed with intention”.

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