Honest and Detailed Wild Deodorant Review: My First 3 Weeks With Wild

Honest and Detailed Wild Deodorant Review: My First 3 Weeks With Wild

Is this deodorant vegan, eco-friendly, zero-waste, and effective? Doesn’t it sound too good to be true?! Let’s see! In this article, I share my honest and detailed Wild deodorant review as I try the product and provide feedback to help you decide if it is worth trying.


What Is Wild Deodorant?

Wild deodorant is a popular natural deodorant that comes in refillable, compostable, and plastic-free packaging. Unlike antiperspirants, it does not contain aluminum salts that clog pores to stop you from sweating. Instead, it prevents odor and absorbs sweat without blocking pores or disrupting your pH levels. Made from all-natural ingredients, Wild deodorant is 100% vegan, free from aluminum, parabens, and sulfates, and is gentle on the skin.


Why Should You Consider Wild Deodorant?

I have started using Wild deodorant, as I’m trying to be more conscious of my choices.

Millions of bathroom products are disposed of every year, and it is scary to think of how harmful plastic packaging is to our planet. Therefore, I’ve been trying many sustainable and natural alternatives for some time, but unfortunately, they were often ineffective or had a weird smell or substance.

Wild deodorant caught my attention, as the company claims that its deodorant is 100% effective, aluminium-free, and boasts composable, plastic-free packaging.

According to Wild, they have created a reusable aluminum deodorant applicator case that will last a lifetime. Wild says we can refill these cases again and again with refills from bamboo. Every time we refill the case, we can save over 30 grams of plastic that would otherwise go to landfill.

This reason alone was a huge decision-maker for me. Furthermore, the Wild says they have created a formula from all-natural ingredients that provide 24 hours of protection from body odor, and all the online reviews seem to support that.

Therefore, I decided to try it, see for myself, and share an open and honest Wild deodorant review.

Detailed Wild Deodorant Review

First Impressions:

First of all, I was impressed and glad that Wild uses recyclable packaging. I liked that the box didn’t come in another box or bag like most of my parcels. My orange box was premium-looking, too (I wouldn’t mind the box being uncolored at all!). Inside, it had the deodorant case, instructions, and two refills: Fresh Cotton & Sea Salt and Ocean Mist.

#Wild Deodorant - what's inside
#Wild Deodorant - first delivery

Before even using the Wild deodorant, I was so excited. I was impressed by the case and refill scents. The deodorant case has a luxurious feel and looks sleek and aesthetically pleasing compared to typical deodorant packaging. And when I opened those refills, jeez louise! The smells were amazing! I couldn’t stop smelling them (especially the Fresh Cotton & Sea Salt one)! Also, I loved that the smells were delicate without being overpowering. Some of the natural deodorants I used in the past were so strong that they made my eyes water!

I tried to install the refill without checking the instructions, and soon, I realized it wasn’t the best idea. So, I checked the instructions, and installing the refill inside the case was a quick and easy process.

The Experience:

I’ve been using this deodorant for three weeks now.

I wanted to write a Wild deodorant review after the “transition period”.

If you have never heard of this term before, it is common to have a “transition period” while switching to a natural deodorant. “Transition period” is a period of excess sweating that can occur when your body adjusts from years of antiperspirant use to a natural deodorant. You may experience this, or you may not. It is not the same for everyone.

Wild says, “Many people who make the switch to a natural deodorant do not experience this transition process. Others, however, may find that they sweat, and perhaps smell, a little more than they are used to for up to two weeks until things settle down as your body gets used to functioning again without aluminum salts blocking your underarm sweat glands.

Essentially, your body goes into overdrive by sweating more. Don’t worry, though, as this won’t last for long and will slow down quickly. Many people who have fully transitioned to natural deodorant find they even sweat less than they did when they used antiperspirant!”. Wild suggests sticking with their new deodorant, as there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

So…, I was very intrigued about what kind of experience I would have and which category my armpits fall in. “Transition period” or no “transition period”.

Honest and Detailed Wild Deodorant Review: My First 3 Weeks</p>
<p>#Wild Deodorant Review<br />

First Few Days

The deodorant was easy to apply and pleasant to use each morning. The texture is creamy but not sticky or too oily. I have used only the Fresh Cotton & Sea Salt smell so far, but as I love this smell so much, it was a joy starting a day with it!

Later In a Week

Everything seemed perfect until I put on some of the darker clothes. Wild deodorant leaves slight white marks on the darker clothes if they are tight. The deodorant doesn’t transfer to the clothes if they are looser, though, and once washed, there is no evidence of stains anyway.

Some of the deodorants I used in the past left permanent yellow or grey stains. This deodorant doesn’t leave those. The Wild deodorant may appear on the inside of the tight clothes while I wear them, but once I wash them, all traces of it are gone.

Second Week

From week two, I had almost forgotten that I had changed my deodorant except for enjoying the smell every morning and applying it to my pits. By now, I could already say that the deodorant passed its first test and that I want to continue using it. I had no out-of-comfort zone “transition period” or unpleasant odors, and the deodorant was effective for me from day one.

Week Three

By week three, I had been using the deodorant like any other, and I didn’t notice any difference during daily use or exercise. I go for a morning run every day, do yoga, dance, and go for many hiking walks during the weekend. My sweating levels were as usual, and it worked just as well as my usual antiperspirant deodorant. This was great because I was a little worried I’d start sweating more, but I didn’t.

The product felt nice, creamy, and hydrating. I felt very refreshing and hydrated in my armpits, as the antiperspirant deodorant I used in the past would dry out my skin and make my armpits itch.

Pros and Cons

Pros   (8)

  • Effective
  • Reusable case
  • Compostable refills
  • Healthier
  • Amazing Scents (I added “Scents” in both Pros and Cons as the scents aren’t too strong, which some might find is a positive, some negative. I’ve only had Fresh Cotton & Sea Salt and Ocean Mist, and I love them both)
  • It is pleasant to use (plus, the scents are unique, and the branding is so beautiful!)
  • The sensitive range is available
  • No stains (no yellow or grey stains on lighter clothing, and even though Wild deodorant may leave some white marks on darker clothing, they come off quickly after washing)

Cons   (2, 2(?))

  • It doesn’t get fully absorbed (possible residue under armpits)
  • It can mark darker clothes (however, it doesn’t transfer to looser clothes. If it does, marks come off after washing)
  • Soft Scents (?) (the scents aren’t too strong, which you may see as a negative)
  • Can give you a rash (?) (from my research about this product, I found that some of the Wild deodorant reviews mention people having a rash after using it. I did not have any issues. Therefore, I am not able to go into more detail about this. However, the same people who had mentioned a rash in their Wild deodorant reviews said the Wild deodorant sensitive line products solved those issues)

My Overall Wild Deodorant Review:

Honest and Detailed Wild Deodorant Review: My First 3 Weeks #Wild Deodorant Review #WildDeodorantReview

My Tips

  • Apply first thing in the morning and let it dry to avoid white marks on your clothes.
  • Don’t apply too much deodorant, as the excess won’t absorb, and the case can go smudgy.
  • If you happen to have excess, wipe it off so it doesn’t create discomfort or transfer on clothes.

Don’t Hesitate and Try It For Yourself

If you read this Wild deodorant review up to this much, it means you are interested in this lavish, healthier, beautifully smelling product! Order it, try it, and enjoy the new, healthier product for you and the planet.


The effectiveness of a deodorant is the most important thing to consider when choosing one. Personally, I have found Wild deodorant to be the most effective and pleasant natural vegan deodorant available. It successfully prevents sweat odor, but it may leave white marks on darker clothes, which can be easily washed off. Despite this minor inconvenience, I am happy to use it because of its eco-friendliness and lovely scents.

I have tried several natural and vegan deodorants over the years, and while I cannot claim that Wild is the perfect deodorant, I can confidently say that it is the best one for me. I did not experience any skin irritation or signs of a rash, which may be because I don’t have overly sensitive skin. Although, with other deodorants, I often had dry or itchy underarms, which made me uncomfortable at times, but not with Wild. With Wild deodorant, my armpits feel more hydrated and less damaged.

However, it’s important to remember that everyone’s body is different, and what works for me may not work for everyone else.

I am trying to switch to more sustainable products as long as they are reasonably priced and good alternatives to the products I currently use. However, it has only been three weeks, so I can only say that I will continue to use this deodorant and share my Wild deodorant review again after I have used it for a longer period of time. So, keep an eye out if you are interested in the update.

I hope you enjoyed this read and that the information you found here is helpful. Please subscribe for more and share with anyone who also may like it.

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