How To Dress Rectangle Body Shape And Flatter Your Figure

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The Rectangle body shape is also called Athletic, Straight, Banana, Square, Slender, or Lean. It may also be called the “H” shape because the shoulders and hips are approximately the same widths, giving the body a straight, rectangular appearance.

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Rectangle Body Shape Characteristics

  • The bust, waist, and shoulders have roughly the same widths
  • Little to no waist definition
  • Straight bust, hips, and bum
  • Minimal curve throughout the body

If you can relate to the characteristics above: your shoulders, waist, and hips are roughly the same width, and you don’t have a well-defined waist, then you likely have a Rectangle Body Shape.

Since the upper and lower parts of the rectangle body shape are well-proportioned and create a balanced silhaouette, the concerned area is typically the waist. Rectangle body shape women often seek to break the rectangular physique and create a curve to narrow and define the waist.

If you have this body type and are willing to create a more defined waistline, aim to create the illusion that you have broader shoulders and hips and a slimmer waist.

Clothes That Flatter A Rectangle Body Shape The Most

Underwear & Shapewear

To create the illusion of a broader upper body part and a slimmer waist, create a volume using a good push-up bra to lift your bust and invest in a good waist shapewear to cinch the waist down.


The best tops for the rectangle body shape are the ones that cinch in the waist and add volume to the upper and lower body parts. They should finish at the hip level. The peplum tops are a perfect choice! Shirts or loose blouses at the top and bottom also work well when belted, compressing the core.

Details and embellishments on garments add volume to the body shape, so if you want to create a fuller bust and shoulder, consider pieces with a lot of detail at the upper part of the body. Tops with various embellishments, frills, bows, ruffles, pockets at the bust area, pleating, and lace are great for creating a broader upper part illusion. To create the illusion of a smaller waist, ensure these details are at the bust and shoulders level, not at the waist.


A rectangle body shape can wear almost any design of trousers, so it all depends on preferences. Many slender-shaped women like adding fullness only at the top. Any slim fit, skinny, straight leg or cigarette designs suit this body type. But if you want to create fullness at the bottom, choose those that add volume to the lower body, such as flared, wider-leg trousers from flowy or pleated, softer fabrics.


Just like trousers, rectangle body shape women can wear almost any skirt. It depends on whether they want to define their beautiful figure at the lower part of the body or create a volume. Tight fit, such as pencil skirts, will highlight the figure. Designs like an A-line, tulip, or flared and flowy will create a curve and defined waist.

As mentioned, garment details add volume, so choosing detailed designs like pleated, gathered fabrics in bright colors will add volume to the lower part of the body if that is your intention.


To create the illusion of curves, the best is to choose dresses that cinch at the waist and exaggerate the top and bottom parts of the body. Darker colors around the waist or belted dresses will help define the waist. Again, peplum, belted, compressed waist designs are a perfect choice.

For events, empire lines, wrap dresses, and halter necks look fabulous on a rectangle body shape! Styling with prints, florals, and any fluid fabrics like chiffon will add femininity and create the illusion of a curve.

Jackets & Coats

When looking for outerwear, defining the waist is still a priority. So, anything with exaggerated and inflated shoulder embellishments on the bust is an excellent choice.

Tailored double-breasted cuts are the best to broaden shoulders and bust. Anything with pockets, flaps, and exaggerated lapels on or above the bust line will work great. Designs with darts at the waist helps accentuate the feminine shape.

Choose longer jackets and coats. They should end below the waist so as not to reveal core fullness. It’s even better if there is some flare at the hipline. This will add volume to create a curve.

If cuts are not tailored, the best is to use belts to define the waist.

Colors, Prints & Patterns

Since the aim is to cinch the waist, the best is to wear darker colors around it. Anything brighter and lighter in color will add fullness, so for a rectangle body shape, it is best to use lighter colors for the upper and lower body parts.

Using blocks of contrasting colors is also great for breaking up the angular shape.

Prints and patterns are great to add tension and distract from the lack of curves.

While choosing colors and style, never forget your style personality and select items according to your color palette and personal and lifestyle preferences.

Learn more about Wardrobe Color Palette and Style Personalities here:


Ballet flats, pointed-toe pumps, strappy sandals, or lace-up boots are good options to complement looks. But generally, with a rectangle body shape women can wear any style of footwear.


A belt is the number one accessory for a rectangle body shape. It is suggestible to use belts on any piece of clothing: tops, trousers, skirts, dresses, and even when layering… adding belts to cardigans, jackets, and coats will help cinch the waist.

A character necklace is an excellent choice for accessories such as jewelry. A layering one works very well in particular.

Best To Avoid For A Rectangle Body Shape

For rectangle body shape women, it is best to avoid anything shapeless, baggy, and boxy…

If the intention is not to reveal the lack of curves, avoid cropped tops, jackets, and coats ending above the waist.

Avoid adding anything bulky around the waist, like embellishments, thick fabrics, prints, patterns, or bright colors, as they only add fullness to the waistline.

Avoid tight, slim-fit designs for the bottom part unless the intention is to emphasize the gorgeous bottom figure and legs.

Regardless of your body type, remember every shape has its best and less than the best features. No matter what best features one has, we all are beautiful!

Understanding your body shape and choosing clothing that flatters YOUR figure will make you look great, but the most important thing is to wear attire that makes you FEEL good and accentuates YOUR best features.

Examples Of A Rectangle Body Shape

Visit M·style alley’s Pinterest board to see Rectangle Body Shape examples:

Rectangle body shape examples #rectangle body shape examples #rectangle body shape

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