How To Dress Pear Body Shape And Flatter Your Figure

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Pear Body Shape Characteristics

  • Disproportionate body shape
  • Small bust and shoulders
  • Fuller bottom, hips, and thighs
  • Well-defined and small waist

You likely have a Pear Body Shape if your hips and thighs are wider than your bust and shoulders.

Since the upper and lower parts are disproportioned, pear body shape women often look to balance it out.

Pear body shape women often seek to narrow and disguise the lower part of the body. Typically, the thighs and bottom being wider than the top half of the body is an area of concern.

If you have this body type and are willing to create a more proportioned shape, aim to create the illusion that you have a broader bust and shoulders and narrower hips and thighs.

Clothes That Flatter A Pear Body Shape The Most

Underwear & Shapewear

To create the illusion of a broader upper body part, the best is to create a volume using a good push-up bra to lift a bust and invest in a good bum-tightening shapewear to tighten it.


To create interest in the upper part of the body and add volume to proportionate it with the bottom, it is best to wear tops with lots of detail, such as extended embellishments, eye-catching prints, patterns, and bright color tops. They will add fullness to the top and flatter pear body shape most.

Wide necklines, boatneck, or off-the-shoulder styles are perfect for broadening the top body part for a pear body shape.

Big collars, exaggerated bows, and pockets above the waistline are an excellent way to draw attention to the top. Embellishments such as ruffles, ribbons, lace trims, and anything that catches the eye to the top are great ways to add volume to the bust and shoulders.

Choose fuller tops at the top and fitter at the waistline. A fitted and tight waist will create a beautiful hourglass figure if the upper and lower body parts are balanced.

However, the best is to choose tops that end no lower than at the hipline, as it will only accentuate the hips’ width.

Tops that finish at the core or cropped tops are the best to flatter a pear body shape.


It is best to style the lower body part with the opposite approach to the upper to achieve a more proportioned shape. So, keep the bottom part with very minimal detail. Muted, darker colors, no attention-grabbing details or embellishments, etc. Anything with enrichments at the hipline will only widen it, so be careful with side pockets, bows, and other enhancements.

It is best to avoid fitted, slim-fit, skinny designs unless you are willing to accentuate the curvy hips and bottom.

Choosing straight or wide-leg trouser designs is best to flatter pear body shape. Plain, flat-fronted, mid or high-waist pieces will help define the waist.


Flattering skirts for pear body shape are fitted at the waistline but relaxed from the broadest part of the hip. Fabrics from the hipline will fall beautifully and disguise curvy hips and bottoms.

Choosing fitted styles will emphasize a curvy hipline and bottom if that’s a look you are going for.

Otherwise, an A-line knee or between-the-knee and mid-calf skirt would be the best choice to balance the proportions for a pear body shape.


The best designs are that draw attention to the upper body and slender waist and conceal the lower part of the body.

The perfect choice for a pear body shape is a dress like A-line, X-line, or wrap dress. Fitted at the top and waist and loose at the bottom, these designs show a beautiful upper body and disguise broader hips.

To draw attention to the top, the best is to choose dresses with interest from the waist and above. Again, anything busy with embellishments, exaggerated sleeves, and shoulders will work well.

Jackets & Coats

Again, the main task here is to add volume to the top half of the body and slimmer the bottom half. So anything with wide lapels, gathered shoulders, puffed sleeves, and embroidered embellishments will be good to achieve that.

For example, a wider shoulder cropped jacket will create the illusion of a broader bust and shoulders while leaving a slender waist visible to show off a beautiful figure.

Double-breasted coats with inflated shoulders define the waistline and proportion the silhouette.

So, coats and jackets with a high neckline, wider collars, exaggerated shoulders, pockets at the bustline, belts, and defined waistlines are all to go for! Just ensure that the ones you choose don’t have big side pockets or end at the hipline, as they will inflate the bottom part you are trying to trim.

The best coat length is right under the hips and mid-thigh.

So, to summarise, the A-line, princess, trench, and coachmen coats are excellent choices for a pear body shape.

Colors, Prints & Patterns

To flatter pear body shape most, wear bright colors, eye-catching prints, patterns on the upper body, and muted and dark colors for the bottom.

Longer and darker coats and jackets will help you look slimmer.


Footwear depends on legs. The best is to choose minimal, simple, less detailed designs if the legs are heavier.

A pointed shoe with a straight heel, the same color as the outfit, is the best way to elongate the legs.

Chunky heels and wedges providing height and balance could work well too.


Pear-shaped women can go crazy on accessories! Anything that creates volume and noise at the neck is excellent. So, any shiny, blingy, bulky, bold, and colorful necklaces will work well. Same with scarves – choosing patterns, prints, and lively colors that add character and interest to the top of the body will look good.

Best To Avoid For A Pear Body Shape

Keep away from straight, baggy, boxy, shapeless clothing as they hide the beautiful waist and will make you look heavy and shapeless.

Avoid wearing bright colors, bold prints, and patterns (especially horizontal lines) on the lower part of the body. They will add fullness and draw all the attention to the hips’ widest point. It is the same for any extra details or embellishments, such as pockets, peplum, and ruffles that add volume to your lower body.

It is best to avoid low-waisted trousers and slim-fit, tight, skinny designs if the aim is to disguise curves.

It is best to avoid tops, layers, jackets, and coats ending at the hip, as they only accentuate curves.

Regardless of your body type, remember every shape has its best and less than the best features. No matter what best features one has, we all are beautiful!

Understanding your body shape and choosing clothing that flatters YOUR figure will make you look great, but the most important thing is to wear attire that makes you FEEL good and accentuates YOUR best features.

Celebrities With Pear Body Shape

Visit M·style alley’s Pinterest board to see Pear Body Shape examples:

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